More than a job title


Interviewed for a different position at my current job. Did not get the position.

Feelings and thoughts of self-doubt and the evaluation of self-worth came pouring in. Feelings & thoughts I had been preparing to fight back. Feelings & thoughts that in the greater scheme of life & one’s existence irrelevantly took up space.

In a world of capitalism, we need to work in order to sustain ourselves: provide food, housing, clothing, healthcare, and entertainment. In a world of capitalism, one of the first questions one will hear when meeting someone else is, “What do you do?” As in, “What do you for a living?” A question that seems to aim at measuring up one’s worth by one’s title or job description. A superficial question that negates to take into account one’s soul, heart, brain, life experiences, beliefs, passions, etc. (And some are fortunate enough to do work that feeds their souls and their passions.)

In a world where the vast majority of our time is spent working, driving to work, buying clothes for work, talking about work, it is easy to discount the positives in life when we experience rejection at work.

I’ve taken this experience to redirect my energies on the amazing-ness occurring in my life. Planning a wedding, traveling to Paris in a few months, being fortunate enough to love my current job, connecting with my loved ones, health, physical ability, emotional & mental strength, and continual healing.

I am choosing gratitude. Being grateful for what is now while remembering that there is more to who I am and what I bring to this world.


Japan 2017: A New Year’s Celebration

After living in New York City for several years, I decided to _mg_7251move “back home” (home state) in order to be able to travel more. Moving back came with it’s challenges, but I am so grateful that after three years of being in California, my aspirations to travel materialized into reality. I spent a week in Japan at the end of December. I started my trip in Tokyo, went to Kyoto for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s, and ended my trip in Tokyo.

I hope to spend the next couple of weeks sharing videos and photos of my time in Japan.

15875319_10106431583906116_2879783256546506677_oOn New Year’s Day I went to Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto. Thousands of people from all over Japan and the world travel to Kyoto on New Year’s Day to welcome the new year. Throughout Kyoto, the day is filled with visits to temples and shrines, prayers, fortune telling, traditional dance performances, and at this particular temple, a hike up the mountain to reach the shrine that sits at the summit.

I joined thousands of people as they hiked up one of the most memorable mountain hikes I have experienced.

a LOVEly Day

February 14th is traditionally celebrated between lovers and amongst friends. In early 2014, my journey towards healing began. That year, I spent Valentine’s Day hiking to the Hollywood sign and found a beautiful rock left by XoXo NONO — NONO Facebook. I found it  when I most needed affirmations from the Universe.

That Valentine’s Day marked the beginning of a celebration of self-love for me. As simplistic as it may seem, that was when I first realized that one cannot fully love others until self-love is achieved.

Today and everyday, let us celebrate self-love!


5 Goals for the Weekend Blues

Feeling a low on the weekends is a little more common than one thinks. You know that feeling — the day is absolutely beautiful, but you cannot get out of bed because you think everyone else is having more fun than you. The reality is that some people are having a blast, but others are taking advantage of the day off and being lazy at home.

On weekends you are finding it impossible to do anything at all, set five simple goals for yourself.

  1. Get out of bed. Just do it. Play some music, open the curtains, and get out of bed.
  2. Take a shower. Even if you don’t wash your hair and are only in the shower for a few minutes.
  3. Change clothes. Go for the cuter, clean(er) PJs. It’s ok. Just get dressed.
  4. Eat something. Even if you are not feeling all that hungry, give yourself some food.
  5. Breathe.




Weekend Purples

The weekend blues is that sad, lonely feeling one automatically feels on the weekends because everyone else is having so much fun. Well, visit any coffee shop and you will find dozens of people basking in their own company.

It is ok for some weekends to be chillaxing days or a time for catching up on some work. Whatever you do on the weekend, find some time to laugh. IMG_3832 (2)

It’s 2016!

I am so excited for 2016! After several weeks of rest and relaxation I am ready to begin working again.

Since I will be engaging in my regular work/grad student/multiple forms of activism schedule, it will be important to take some time to slow down and practice self-care.

Reminder to practice self-care every day of every year
Hiking helps me connect with nature and myself


Motivational Tracker

Happy Winter! The chilly, rainy weather has not (totally) kept me bundled up in bed.

I recently bought a fitness tracker hoping it would motivate me to stay active during my three weeks of winter break– yup, you read that correctly, three weeks!

After doing some research for the cutest looking affordable tracker, I bought the Jawbone UP2.

Since getting it, I’ve enjoyed looking at my progress and patting myself on the back for walking more. Also, I’ve taken a few hikes in beautiful Los Angeles in rain and sunshine.

So, if you are considering getting a fitness tracker to motivate you in getting up and moving don’t think about it twice!